Stock Options and Futures

Stock Options and Futures

Stock options pricing and derivatives valuation software. Stock options software for the valuation of stock options and futures. Find various black scholes and implied volatility calculators to estimate options pricing.

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Options Czar

Options Czar is a free tool that calculates and helps design stock portfolio strategies using options. Users introduce the data for their current portfolio (or start from scratch) and check the options in the market to evaluate profit opportunities depending on their expected stock or index behavior. Options Czar is a program that was developed to ...

Modern Speculator Junior

Derivatives, Options, Warrants, Futures, Bonds, How to maximize the yield, Portfolio - Hedging, Complex Combinations, Synthetic Securities, Mastering the risks of fluctuating interest rates, Option writing techniques, Calculation of special bonds or exotic derivatives like e.g. "Power Warrants", etc. Calculate warrant data in different currencies e ...

Option Pricing Calculator

Option Pricing Calculator is a easy options calculator which is designed to calculate call price, put price, gamma, delta, theta, Vega, and implied volatility. Calculator support the following option-pricing models to calculate prices: Blaco-Scholes model, American and European type of options.

Option Calculator

Option Calculator is a useful option calculator software for the option traders. Features: Calculate the value of put and call options (The Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model). Calculate implied volatility. Calculate option greeks (delta, vega, gamma, theta). See graph of option position (long call option or long put option).


OptionTools is a security option modeling application. Offers theoretical Call and Put option values for stocks, indices, currencies and futures complete with their sensitivity values. Calculates and charts historical volatility. Supports the popular End of Day security price history formats. Features: Model Call and Put values for stocks, i ...

Option Tracker

The Option Tracker is a powerful option modeling tool that is used to track up to 4 lots of stock options, equity options or securities. Features: This application allows one to track up to 4 lots of stock options, equity options or securities. Select the mode from the toolbar (Security, Equity Option or Stock Option). Enter the purchase/op ...

Options Lexis

The Options Lexis is a options software for learning options terms. The Options Lexis is an easy to use, yet extremely powerful, award winning options trading learning tool that will guarantee that you completely and confidently learn the language of options trading. With Options Lexis you learn all options terms found in an options glossary or opt ...

Black-Scholes Option Pricing

Black-Scholes Option Pricing is a small and easy to use option calculator to value the price of put and call options.