Trading Tools

Trading Tools

Stock trading tools to track real time stock quotes, Forex rates and market news. Various investment tools to take advantage of the money management and position sizing techniques. Find pip value, pivot point and Fibonacci calculators. Margin requirements and leverage calculators.

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Stock Research Lite

Stock Research Lite is designed to help you track potential stock investments. The software's main focus is to track profit and loss for a particular stock symbol. Stock Research Lite also acts a mini-portfolio and allows you take get a stock quote instantly.


This MS-Excelspreadsheet will help you create a portfolio of your past and present stock holdings. See your gains and losses at a glance. Get on-line quotes while working in Excel from: PC Toronto (TSX) Yahoo India Yahoo Hong Kong Yahoo Deutschland  

Business News

Business News is a Google Desktop Gadget that shows latest business news from the Los Angeles Times.

Free Stock Ticker

Free Stock Ticker is an application designed to retrieve stock quotes from the internet while being minimalistic in size and obstruction. You can move it anywhere on the screen and adjust it's width. Features: Stay on top of your stocks with our Free Stock Ticker. You will never miss a Wall Street beat when you are getting quotes with updat ...


SideTick is a free software program which allows you to keep track of what the markets are doing without requiring your constant attention. SideTick represents the next generation of stock quote tickers. Features: Keep track of your favorite stocks. Know what the markets are doing while you work on your computer. Track your current holdin ...

Stocks gadget

Stocks gadget is a Google Desktop Gadget that keeps track of the latest stock quotes.

Theenk Stock Market Quiz

Theenk Stock Market Quiz helps you to learn Stock Market Concepts and Phrases.

Quick Quote

Quick Quote is free watchlist software which you can use to monitor market activity and prices. Quick Quote is compatible with 50 exchanges from around the globe. This covers an amazing 99.9% of the traded stock around the globe. Quick Quote is designed for those that need to keep abreast of the market at all times. It's simple to use and above a ...